About Us

We specialize in the creation of self knitted yarns that are a source of inspiration and delight. It goes all the way back to 2003, in a remotestockroom on the waterfront with a little turning factory, heaps of crude fiber, and the aspiration of making yarns that cannot be seenon the shelves of retail stores. From modest beginnings to the present worldwide brand, we function with an assortment of makers and craftsman to keep making yarns that provide inspiration and motivation to the devoted artisans.

What is vital for us? We are tied in with delivering an ardent enthusiasm and making yarns which are on a basic level as proposed by nature. The yarns are mixes of an assortment of strands, we perceive the delicacy of the scenes that rouse us and we are constantly aware of our impressions from maker to factory to distribution center and all the intermediaries. We plan to be in style, predictable and to convey a realness to the things we provide.

We arehonored to realize that the most elite fashioners utilize our yarns, hence we are quick to advance their crafts and empower freshabilities. Their innovativeness is the thing that enables us to give you astonishing thoughts.

It has dependably been the main concern for us, our individuals, benefit and world. We are continually questioningthe methodto enhance our supportability. We realize that manageability is a fundamental element for our long haul achievement. We comprehend that supportability is a procedure and consider to be a go greenventure continually searching for approaches to enhance our effect on the earth.

In case you are occupied with hoarding our yarn or you are a youthful planner hoping to team up later on, we place a ton of consideration and time for our art and have expectation for you to discover aspects you adore, and don't hesitate to inform us for a specific request, if it's not much trouble do connect. We wouldprefer to get notification from your end.